Analyzing ICT Contribution to ...

  تاریخ انتشار : 1392/8/15   نام نشریه : ICTD2013- International Information and Communications Technologies for Development conference 2013   تعداد صفحات : 15
Analyzing ICT Contribution to Socio-Economic Development

چکیده مقاله

Regarding deep impact of ICT on countries' social and economic process across the globe, a large
number of research works have considered the interrelations between ICT and development so far.
Nevertheless most of these studies have focused on single aspect of development especially economic
impacts of ICT. So there is a need foran integrated and comprehensive model that would consider different
aspects of ICT contribution to the development like social, economic, cultural and political impacts. To
narrow this literature gap, this paper by taking advantage of ecosystem perspective, introduces a new
conceptual model for ICT-based socio-economic development. Proposed conceptual model contains different
stakeholders – institutions, enterprises, inhabitants and households who innovate, create, produce, buy, sell,
regulate, manage and use technology – and simultaneously draws interactions between them – policies,
strategies, plans, processes and information with complimentary of economic, social, cultural and political
reciprocal impacts (paths influences) within the environmental context. Furthermore, a theoretical framework
- consists of dimensions, sub-dimensions and indicators of ICT-based socio-economic development - is
elaborated on the basis of proposed conceptual model. This theoretical framework paves the road for the
construction of a meaningful composite index (CI) to measure ICT-based socio-economic development.
Intended composite index would make possible cross-country comparison of ICT-based socio-economic
development in different regions and also would be fruitful in benchmarking of best practices in order to
draw policy lesson and initiatives for less developed countries.

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