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Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research (ACECR) established in 1980 as an Iranian public non-governmental institution, with the mission of promoting science and technology, culture, education and entrepreneurship.

ACECR has made multiple efforts to respond to the needs of different parts of the industry. In this regard in addition to establishment of 25 research institutions and creation of science and technology Centers of excellence. One of these institutions is the research Center for Information and Communication Technology, the brief description of the objectives, tasks, and activities of which is as follows:

Along with ACECR’s Strategy:

The aim of establishing this research Center, a subsidiary of ACECR, is getting access to technical and practical knowledge in the professional fields of ICT through research and study projects and effort to examine, identify, and help to meet the research needs of the production, administration and service sectors in the high risk and high innovative areas of ICT sector in the country.